• intelligence and awareness of relationships, protagonism and development as a result

    We are a company B committed to human and organizational development and leadership for transition and impact through a strategic, relational and systemic approach.
    We offer solutions that have already been implemented over the last 10 years, or we co-design, with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, strategies and processes for organizational, leadership and systemic development, which integrate perspectives and actions of internal and external strategic peers in building paths, solutions and impact positive.
    Collective intelligence, of internal and external stakeholders, is the main input in the face of strategic challenges, in a systemic, intersectoral, participatory and collaborative approach in which peers lead the transition from existing living systems: organizations, groups, networks and communities.


    What is your organization's main challenge today?

    If this challenge were a question, what would it be? 

    With what internal and external peers

    can answers be co-created?

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  • Testimonials

    "One of the main challenges of the L'Oréal group in the world today is sustainability as a strategic pillar of its development. Because of this ambition, the company created in 2014 the Sharing Beauty With All (SBWA) program with targets in the environmental and social planes, planned to be realized by 2020. The program is present today in all branches of the company in the world, where each one of them brings their contribution with initiatives and projects, monitored globally.


    To contribute to this important program, in 2015 the Brazilian branch, through its Purchasing area, developed an innovative program in the world, highly strategic, aiming at the sustainable development of its supply chain. The program, called 'Shared Development L'Oréal Brazil', was developed in partnership with the consulting firm PARES and brought a systemic and highly collaborative approach with these suppliers. Not only are global objectives being developed with them, but a shared knowledge network has been created that has brought participants together around the theme in search of innovative solutions.


    This result would not have been possible without the intense and precise performance of the consulting firm PARES which, as a true strategic partner, was able to develop with L'Oréal this successful case. His highly skilled professionals demonstrated a real commitment to the project and gave him a DNA worthy of global recognition that makes us very proud to have chosen PARES. "


    Aline Queiroz

    Purchasing Director

    L'Oréal Brazil

    Diagnosis + Strategy + Workshop Design and Facilitation + Program Co-creation

    L'Oréal Brasil Shared Development Program

    "PARES played a key role in helping us structure a complete transformation of our core multi-company project. Together, we introduced concepts, engaged leaders and collaborators, and began a process of cultural change seeking greater synergy between our Group companies and greater business optimization. with our greatest capital, the human. "


    Hugo Lamberg

    Corporate Marketing

    Grupo Águia


    "PARES has been instrumental in rebuilding the Eagle Group's identity to a participatory culture in which every collaborative body understands its role and is inspired to bring about significant changes in the future of the organization."


    Rebeca Guimarães


    Grupo Águia

    Co-creation of the Development and Innovation Program Strategy

    Workshop design and co-facilitation + Lectures

    Strategic Design and Co-Facilitation of Annual Meetings 2016 and 2017

    Relational Strategic Flow 2018/2019+ Multiplication Leadership Dialogue Workshop

    "We did the PEP in 2011 at the beginning of our journey and it was something that shaped us. Today, with new challenges ahead such as national and international expansion, as well as a change of revenue matrix, we think it is essential to run the PEP again. I'm a fan of Alda and his methodology, because besides being very competent she knows how to deal with my class of messy. "   


    Fabio Carneiro

    Founder & CEO

    IPNET Soluções


    "The strategic planning process is often massive and difficult to conduct, but the process conducted by PARES is extremely fruitful, light and really collaborative. Everyone leaves with a sense of responsibility activated, with ownership of the activities and understanding of their role in the corporation. "   


    Vinicius Albino

    Development Leader

    IPNET Soluções


    "The PEP was a very enriching experience for me, I believe the other participants too. We will certainly reap great results.T he people of PARES are extremely professional and attentive, and it is clear that they do everything with great affection."  


    Luis Gomes

    Coord. Support

    IPNET Soluções

    Participatory Strategic Planning (PEP) | 2011 and 2018 editions

    "Spectacular work that laid the foundation for what remains our essence as a company. To this day we practice, train, evaluate and reward our employees based on this initiative."


    Paulo Mayon

    Partner and Executive Director

    Grupo Compass Energia


    Participatory Construction of Group Values ​​and Principles


    “We believe that aligning people's values ​​with those of the organization is critical to successful sustainable action. The work done by PARES on Zamboni leadership perceptions of sustainability was of great importance to the company as it enabled us to direct resources, projects and people. ”


    Paula Zamboni Rezende


    Grupo Zamboni

    Strategic Map of Leadership Views on Sustainability |

    Participatory Construction of the Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy

    "I was very impressed with the methodology of the work. The contributions they brought from the stakeholders were key. During these three days it was possible to talk about dreams, achievable goals, obstacles, solutions, responsibilities and most importantly: the deadlines. It was possible to talk about the sustainability of the planet and our business activities, which need not be conflicting. The coordination of the work of PARES was a milestone within Dinaco. ”


    Alexandre Kaplan



    Sustainable Participatory Strategic Planning (PEPS)

    “We noticed that many people in our family wanted to work in the third sector, but we didn't know where to start. Through workshops, we were able to align our expectations and, after some discussions, we decided to create the Baumgart Institute. Planning was very important in creating our mission, vision and values. "


    Karin and Otto Baumgart


    Grupo Baumgart

    Organizational Development Workshops

    "My company is 5 months old and we decided to hire PARES to help us build the company's identity, strategic alignment, etc. In a very clear, precise and fast way, we were able to reach our goal and we still achieved other goals identified during the year. I highly recommend it! I thank the consultant Alda Marina Campos for her commitment, dedication and excellence in the service provided. "


    Flávio Guimarães

    Founding partner

    Delfos| Maritime Advisory and Services

    Strategic Peer Alignment (CEP) Strategic design and facilitation of workshops between partners and collaborators

    "The work of PARES was very rich for the agency. The whole organization of the process, the conduction of the workshops and the definition of next steps were fundamental for us to move forward. Thank you so much for the impeccable work!"


    Luisa Bernardes

    Executive Director of Media


    Strategic Peer Alignment (CEP)


    "We had a young group, eager to work and make progress, but we were facing a lot of problems that insisted on getting in the way. We put the group together, aligned our ideas, listed all our dreams - including the boldest ones - we listed the villains and paved the way. to get there. Today, 4 years later, we see all the goals we have achieved and the road we have traveled.


    Antonio Olavo Osborne


    Osborne Construction Company

    Participatory Strategic Planning (PEP)

    "Working with PARES was opening new horizons here within the Sharing Institute. We had several ideas and ways, but without alignment and, mainly, without listening to the other actors involved. Thus, the PEP process helped us make a good diagnosis, to debate what we wanted, to prioritize within an action plan and to project ourselves into the future. We have matured a lot as an entity and as people. Today we are stronger and safer on the paths to be followed. attention was that PARES, besides having excellent professionals, is formed by people who like and understand people, the greatest asset of all processes. "


    Luiz Fernando Nascimento

    Executive Manager

    Instituto Compartilhar

    Participatory Strategic Planning (PEP)

    "Ten years of Reaction and we didn't know that much about us yet! Who we are, what we want to be, where to go ... Key questions that had never been thought through. . We began to dream objectively and clearly so that our goals would come out of the realm of ideas and come true. "


    Flávio Canto

    Founder and President

    Instituto Reação

    Participatory Strategic Planning (PEP)

    "We lived an innovative experience that has added extraordinary values ​​to our group, allowing us to have a uniform understanding of who we are, what we do, what we want and especially how we will do it. This basis allowed us to move forward at an unprecedented pace and strengthen the unity of the group. ''


    Pedro Werneck

    co-founder and CEO

    Instituto da Criança


    "It was spectacular and very productive. Without your exemplary driving we wouldn't have had such good material to work with for the next two years."


    Carlos Werneck

    co-founder and Volunteer Vice President

    Instituto da Criança


    Participatory Strategic Planning (PEP)

    “A very important partner for FETRANSPOR right now is PARES. I really enjoyed the way they developed the content and material, and applied the workshops. "


    Marcia Vaz

    Account Manager Social


    Workshops for companies and unions - Project Bank of Good Practices in RS | Youth Dialogue Program Planning on Mobility | Facilitating Program Meetings | Strategic Advisory Meetings | Strategic Planning Advisory

    "when we started the project, the intention was to get to know the communities better... And in reality, today I am able to afirm... That this project ended up becoming the most important one in the area, because it generates all the resources [needed] for us to work...This doesn't just add value to you, the communities, but also add to the company's value as well."


    Viviane Barros

    Internal Communication and Social Responsibility

    Metrô Rio

    Planning and Development of Metrô Rio Community Network

    "The Participatory Strategic Planning was a remarkable moment in Strenna's history, where we had an excellent opportunity to gather the team, identify opportunities and draw actions for the future of the agency. With extremely satisfactory results, we are committed to following everything that has been mapped out. a steady growth. "


    Marco Antonio Menezes


    Strenna Comunicação

    Participatory Strategic Planning (PEP)

    "The meeting with PARES aroused the desire to think big, strengthen our purpose of social transformation, networking."


    André Witer

    Training and Research Analyst

    Sesc National Department


    "Superb work. Great moments of learning and integration. Congratulations."


    Silvia Palhano


    Sesc National Department  


    Co-creation and co-facilitation of the 1st National Training and Research Meeting



  • network development:

    our solution and our culture

    Care for relationships, the prism of development and networking are present in projects, programs, and the way that Pares is organized. We recognize that when people join different teams and networks, they can constantly expand their repertoire, tools and experiences, and generate solutions. even more current, innovative and differentiated.


    Project teams are composed strategically, combining different knowledge as essential and special ingredients for the solutions we want to generate in response to the demands presented.


    In a careful and strategic way, each project or program is combined with complementary skills, considering the degree of experience, specialization in the diagnosed challenges, and agenda.


    Networking, bringing us together for common purposes and associating ourselves by project, is also the best way to develop ourselves: PARES as a business, and each professionally and personally.


    Alda Marina Campos

    Founding partner of PARES, responsible since 2010 for the co-creation of projects, strategies, solutions and methodologies for organizational development with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs from organizations of different sectors and sizes, in Brazil and abroad. Acts as a speaker, strategist and facilitator of dialogues and processes of transition and organizational development.


    Prior to the consultative experience, she worked for 13 years in Logistics and Marketing in private companies (Coca-Cola, Prudential-Bradesco and Sul América) and as Executive Director in the third sector (Instituto da Criança), implementing participatory and systemic management models, with focus on impact, which inspired the creation of PARES.


    Contributes to the League of Intrapreneurs global team as a co-catalyst in Brazil and actively integrates other development and impact networks such as System B, Cities + B and BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network.


    She is an Administrator and Master in Business Administration from PUC-Rio, with emphasis on Alliance and Network Strategy, associate professor at PUC-Rio and Fundação Dom Cabral in Postgraduate courses in Business and Law, and in-company programs, and co -responsible for the Coordination of the Center for Intrapreneurship, a strategic partnership between FDC and LOI.


    As a way of self-knowledge and specialization, since 2012, she has done various training in leadership, human and organizational development, Anthroposophy, social innovation and facilitation (Art of Hosting, Germinar Program by the EcoSocial Institute, Spiritual Deepening for Leaders and Internal Consultants by ADIGO and Capacity Building in Theory U by the Presencing Institute).


    Mariana Brunelli

    Master in Business Administration with emphasis on alliances and strategic networks by IAG / PUC-Rio and Advertising by ECO / UFRJ. Facilitator graduated from the Germinar program of the EcoSocial Institute. She was a member of the Center for Studies on Organizations and Sustainability (NEOS) and the Center for Ethics and Current Reality (ERA), both from PUC-Rio, between 2011 and 2014, having published several articles in academic journals, book chapters and on the website. WAS. Professor of Ethics and Social Responsibility at the MBA of Business Law at PUC-Rio. She is a consultant, researcher and teacher on topics related to sustainable development, sustainable entrepreneurship, strategic networks and alliances, corporate social responsibility, sustainable supply and value chains and ethics in organizations. More than 15 years of experience in Marketing, Communication and Social Responsibility in companies of different sectors, sizes and nationalities, such as Novartis, OI, blah! / TIM and FIRJAN.

    Eduardo Freire

    Environmental Manager at CEFET / RJ, and specialist in Sustainability Management, Economics and Social and Environmental Responsibility at the Institute of Economics of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Expert in the planning, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of education and social communication programs and projects in the field of socioeconomics. Solid experience in implementing environmental education and communication programs for social, environmental and corporate responsibility. Professional experience in the development of socioenvironmental diagnoses, socioeconomic haracterization, environmental impact studies, use of risk / opportunity assessment tools, survey and analysis of sustainability indicators and preparation of annual reports. Expertise in scenario characterization and development of corporate action strategies from the social, environmental, economic and cultural aspects.

    Florencia Estrade

    University of California at Berkeley entrepreneur and MBA strategist with strong business experience having worked at McKinsey Brazil and USA, ABN AMRO Uruguay and ECG USA. Passionate about transforming people and businesses, her purpose is to help people in organizations innovate with impact. She is the Global Director of League of Intrapreneurs, a network that seeks to unlock intrapreneurial potential within organizations and was the founder of Cria Global, a consulting firm focused on innovation and shared value. She is actively involved in the impact business world and has mentored Ashoka's social entrepreneurs, worked at CDI, founded Pipa (impact start-up accelerator), and actively contributed to moves such as System B.

    Raphael Rodrigues

    Business Administrator from PUC-Rio, MBA in e-business from FGV-Rio and specialization in corporate social responsibility from ESPM-SP. Consultant and facilitator, specializing in processes of organizational and human development, sustainability, corporate responsibility and ethics. Mineiroca and musician in his spare time, was a swimming and rowing athlete, where he won several Rio and Brazilian championships. Eternal curious, he leads his life with lightness, joy, and stubbornness in helping organizations and people connect with their purpose. He has 20 years of experience working in Brazil and abroad, having worked in organizations such as AIESEC, Ceras Johnson, HSBC, AMCE Sustainable Business, SESI Santa Catarina and CEBDS, as a consultant and in executive roles. In 2012 he founded Pharrel Consulting and is one of the creators and facilitators of the Emerge Program. Formed by ADIGO in the training program for facilitating leaders and internal consultants and spiritual deepening for consultants.


    Pablo Handl

    He studied business administration, theatrical pedagogy and conflict mediation and worked in Austria, India and the Netherlands where he served as a strategist and facilitator of change processes. He was director of AIESEC International, responsible for the strategic planning and change management of the global organization in 2003. He has developed leadership and entrepreneur development conferences and training in more than 20 countries. In 2007 he founded Impact in Brazil starting in São Paulo, which already operates in 8 strategic cities from Manaus to Florianópolis. He is currently chairman of the board and takes care of the company's new growth phase. In 2015-2016 was responsible for the Impact Hub Global expansion strategy and market entry in China. He co-founded VOA, a company that invests in people, projects and businesses that are prototyping the future of business and new working relationships. Acts as a consultant and speaker on innovation, networks and trends working in organizations such as the European Union, Natura, Airbus, BASF and Greenpeace.

    Augusto Gutierrez

    Biologist graduated from the State University of Londrina (UEL) and facilitator graduated by the Artists of the Invisible Program, Instituto Fonte and the Germinar Program, Instituto Ecosocial. Network entrepreneur and facilitator of dialogue and co-creation processes. For 8 years she has been working professionally with human development, learning, organizational innovation and collaborative spaces. It seeks to create listening spaces and disseminate dialogue and co-creation tools to support social organizations, entrepreneurs, corporations and government agencies. It is a member of the Art of Hosting (global) network. Winner of the “Personality of the Year in Sustainability - 2013” ​​Award by ABTD / PR and the “Social Innovation Leadership Award - 2014” by the World Corporate Social Responsibility Congress of India.

    Sheila Monteiro

    Graduated in Law from UFRJ, with LL.M. in Corporate Law and MBA in Business Management from IBMEC / RJ. She has worked in business law for 10 years, in companies such as Bradesco Seguros and Liderbrás. Graduated in Leadership for Human and Organizational Development by the Germinar Program, the EcoSocial Institute and MBE in Social Responsibility and Third Sector by the Institute of Economics of UFRJ. Since 2010 acts in the planning and management of projects and organizations.

    Eduardo Abraços Bluhm

    Business Administrator and Master of Environmental Protection from the University of Applied Sciences Nürtingen, Germany. Has extensive experience in international development cooperation, social certification systems, audits and consultancies in supply chains and international trade with a focus on incorporating social and environmental criteria. Consultant recognized as a certification expert for the International Fairtrade system and stakeholder engagement with field experience and intercultural communication skills. He has over eight years of experience in social auditing as a lead auditor and trainer in various systems such as International Fair Trade, SA8000, FSC, ISCC and ISO9000. He worked from 2004 to 2011 at Fairtrade International, in his last position as world manager of development strategy for fruit products and creation of certification criteria, being also responsible for actions and strengthening relations with agricultural workers unions in Latin America.

    Corina Contreiras Stallbohm

    Psychologist, graduated from PUC / RS, postgraduate in HR from FGV-Rio. His professional history from 1974 to 2005 was linked to the development of people in large organizations. He worked at Incocesa S / A, belonging to the Cecrisa Group, in Tubarão S / C, at CEEE - State Electric Energy Company, in Porto Alegre / RS coordinating the Psychotechnical Office and structuring activities, and at Aracruz Celulose, in Rio de Janeiro, selection and introduction of the concept of sharing responsibilities of managers with the selection process and the development of their teams. At FGV / RJ headed HR, highlighting the development of a Performance Evaluation system. At Itaú, he participated in the process of integrating BANERJ employees into the new culture and, later, joined the team of the Quality Superintendence in Customer Service. From 2006 to 2010 headed the administrative area of ​​FUNBIO - Brazilian Fund for Biodiversity.

    Henrique Pistilli

    Business Administrator at UFRJ, with training of facilitating leaders and deepening for Adigo consultants. Has a diverse background in anthroposophy and goetheanism. Acts as sea coach, consultant, speaker, athlete and TV presenter. He worked as a consultant at the EcoSocial Institute for 11 years. Has 18 years of experience as a facilitator, starting his career at AIESEC at 17. Acts as the main character of the TV series "Fish Man" - Channel OFF, being co-creator of the concept and script of the program, and advising the general direction of the producer Soul Filmes.

    Tomás de Lara


    Business administrator with master in digital communication, specialist in collaborative and sustainable economics. Social entrepreneur, vocational network weaver, and conscientious business consultant, Tomás is co-leader of Sistema B Brasil (Companies B movement), co-founder of Goma, collaborative ecosystem of social entrepreneurs and the Global Shapers Hubs in Porto. Alegre and Rio de Janeiro. He serves as Counselor at the Coca-Cola Brazil Institute of SNCI (Saudi Arabia's National Creative Industry Initiative) and as a teacher in social innovation courses in Brazil and other countries. In early 2013, he was invited to the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to talk about technologies for social innovation and crowdfunding. He has recently focused his work and studies on catalyzing new organizations that foster a human- and nature-centered economy, and shifting from competitive, self-centered thinking to collaborative, eco-centered thinking.

  • we believe


    Life in society happens in a network, and people and organizations are simultaneously connected to various social actors, internally and externally, who influence, are influenced, impact and are impacted by the thoughts, feelings and actions of each of these links.



    Each living system, be it an organization, group, network or community, has its own, .unique journey of development and evolution and thinking and working strategically, in a personalized way, the identity and relationships of this living system, allows to expand perspectives, generate greater shared value and scale results.


    Human relations are sets of agreements. Many critical development issues can be resolved by revisiting these agreements: written, verbal, or even non-verbal, signed by us, or even by third parties. It is strategic to identify and choose which agreements can or need to be renegotiated, especially in merger, acquisition or corporate transition processes.


    Collaborative, participatory experiences and journeys between peers allow entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs rich opportunities for learning, thinking and acting with more quality in their relationships and decision-making processes.



    By integrating and supporting global learning and impact networks, we are continuously learning, sharing knowledge, expanding connections and synergies, contributing continuously and simultaneously to our own organizational development, that of our peers and society. We are partners in the design and development of initiatives that allow people and organizations to play a leading role in impact agendas such as Rio + B, League of Intrapreneurs and Center for Intrapreneurship.



    Through our work, we contribute directly and indirectly to accelerating better organizations and business ecosystems for people, and consequently for the world. And so, with one of the main development challenges of humanity: knowing how to build partnerships, alliances and networks that generate value and systemic development (SDG 17).



    An organizational or even business model, with a focus on co-ownership and / or co-responsibility for solutions, projects or common purposes, allows the flexibility and agility necessary for continuous oxygenation, updating of knowledge, joint achievement of goals and continuous development of those involved.

  • @paresemrede

  • What We Have Learned

    Experience over the past 10 years with companies, business groups, institutes, federations and councils has allowed us to learn well.


    1 - Our approach, which integrates Theory U, Strategic Analysis in Alliances and Networks, an anthroposophical look at the organization as a continually evolving living system, dialogue methodologies, and the individual experience of each consultant, has allowed organizations to expand :

    • TRUST, essential in human relations, especially in the context of transition and innovation
    • COMPETENCE, allowing transitions and continuity with autonomy and freedom
    • COHERENCE, between actions and intentions, between purpose, communication and practices
    • CREATIVITY, broadening perspectives and possibilities for ideas and solutions
    • COMMITMENT, through co-responsibility for common agreements and plans
    • AWARENESS as a network, community of learning and practice, its impacts, and its possibilities
    • CONSISTENCY, achieving best practices and individual and collective results in the medium and long term
    • CAUTION with peers, internal and external

      2 - Participatory and collaborative processes, when aligned with a systemic and strategic look at the identity and relationships of an organization:

    • ensure QUALITY to internal and external relations and organizational governance
    • catalyze PROTAGONISM and ENTREPRENEUR spirit
    • contribute to SHARED DEVELOPMENT between people and organizations
    • generate INTERDEPENDENCE, enabling the construction of networks and alliances between areas, business units, organizations of the same value chain and different sectors
    • catalyze and underpin TRANSITION for more EMPATHIC, RESPONSIBLE and SUSTAINABLE management.



    And our learning journey continues.

  • let's talk?


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